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a scarlet thing ([personal profile] chimney) wrote in [community profile] drawingboard 2012-11-11 01:28 am (UTC)

i think that's a good idea actually. after i called the hiatus i realized all the things i could've added/done better, like all the little details and foreshadowing and things, and sadfaced at my previous pages. it's been on my agenda to redo them/rework the storyline or something but it's such a daunting task to stare at. i'd probably be plurking/tumblring my pages for the world to see before they went up, too, haha.

you can use webcomic sites! there's free ones for everyone to use (like comicfury and uh, this one site with ducks in the url i forget which one it was) and there are comic circles, i.e. people who buy a domain/has a website and add comic artists who do a specific kind of comic genre to it. alternatively you could buy a domain and host it with comicfury/another comic hosting site, usually for free.

...i was p. serious about this when i started lmf 8D

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