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sarie ([personal profile] vandalized) wrote in [community profile] drawingboard 2012-11-11 01:30 am (UTC)

age: 29 in a couple more weeks. :(
are you in art school? No... Nursing school... haha. My former majors were Fine Art and Graphic design though. That's why I am still working on a two year degree at 29.
where you at: [ profile] ghostbacon | [ profile] salinetea
what mediums do you use? Um, a few things. I'm still not that great at digital stuff (Well, I do photo manipulations and stuff), but I use Photoshop and Sai for that. Um, outside of that pencils and paper. I paint a little, and usually use acrylics because they're cheap. haha. My all time favorite is dip pens. I love love love using bamboo reed pens and ink.
whaddya want: PRINCESSES I like discussing art with regular artists. I'm not into complex terms and explanations with art. Haha, I don't know. I also just like seeing other people's stuff. And maybe someday I won't be too worried to post my own art. I also like learning about new mediums and techniques so... Yeah!


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