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beccastareyes ([personal profile] beccastareyes) wrote in [community profile] drawingboard 2012-11-11 01:39 am (UTC)

age: 28
are you in art school? Nope. I'm getting my PhD in astronomy; art is a hobby.
where you at: [ profile] beccastareyes | [ profile] beccastareyes
what mediums do you use? A lot of things. A lot of digital art, but also colored pencils, markers, black ink, watercolors and acrylics (if I'm feeling fancy). I also sew, crochet and do crafty things.
whaddya want: To learn things. And to get out of my current artless funk. (Besides doodles during seminars.) And to see pretty things. I do like others' work.
OBLIGATORY GIF CATEGORY: I am gifless, I'm afraid

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