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a scarlet thing ([personal profile] chimney) wrote in [community profile] drawingboard 2012-11-11 12:26 am (UTC)

the scarlet!
also known as your co-mod. fear me. NO I PROMISE I DON'T BITE.
age: 20 B(
are you in art school? sort of. i go to The Art Institute of California (one of them) and my major is in graphic design but i've taken some art classes as part of my curric. i draw as a hobby mostly (which i keep typoing as hobbit, because i clearly art is a hobbit)
where you at: [ profile] ithilien | [ profile] tueri | [ profile] rancors
what mediums do you use? easy paint tool sai!! photoshop for touch-ups. i have twistedbrush but i've put it to the side because i cannot part with sai. i sketch with pencil sometimes, used to do some charcoal for school stuff, and am trying to up my skill level in watercolors. i've been doing a lot of tolkien-related (legolas-related hahaha) things lately and trying out digital painting.
whaddya want: to see other peoples' works '-' and to maybe receive crit from a group i'll have a better chance of reaching out to than on da or tumblr or w/e. ALSO to share resources and basically everything. i love drawing/painting/arting/etc and that is why i'm here

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