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WEEELLLCOOOMMMEEE the somewhat grand opening of [community profile] drawingboard!

If you've read the profile or came here from plurk, then you probably already know this, but! This community is dedicated to connecting artists on dreamwidth and allowing them to request critique, share resources, techniques, references, et cetera! For more info, see the faq.

here's some links!
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE [member-locked mod contact, yo]

This is an obligatory meet-and-greet post/meme/shebang with an obligatory form to help y'all introduce yourself. (yourselves?)

age: if you wanna give it out...
are you in art school? were you? is art a hobby? do you deign to offer a reply?
where you at: codes are provided for tumblr, deviantart, and plurk, but you can fill out or remove whatever you want.
what mediums do you use? paints, pencils, digital, programs, etc
whaddya want: tell us a bit about yourself and/or what do you hope to get out of this comm. do you want to discover art/artists to follow? collect resources? receive critique?
OBLIGATORY GIF CATEGORY: obligatory gif category

meigui: animation: Bradley James; Merlin; BBC (I'd give my heart to you)

[personal profile] meigui 2012-11-11 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
HOAROUS or semiramis or horus or mei or I forget what else people call me these days
age: 23
are you in art school? NOPE I'm in the cognitive science program at Carnegie Mellon
where you at: [ profile] hoarous | [ profile] semiramis | [ profile] hoarous
what mediums do you use? mostly digital these days.
whaddya want: currently I'm trying to figure out how to write a tutorial to explain how to hack your brain to make use of top-down parietal stream feedback to portray volume in drawing?! Which in practice is a lot less complicated than it sounds, but I need to condense the science part a bit to make it more accessible to laypersons. OTHER THAN THAT THOUGH I want to see what the art community on dreamwidth is up to!
meigui: fanart: Horus; American Gods; Neil Gaiman. (zz caramell)

[personal profile] meigui 2012-11-11 01:09 am (UTC)(link)
...also sorry I don't have a less horrifying gif, here have another animated icon to make up for it