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LINK Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

LINK TIMED Figure and Gesture Drawing (people and animals) and other things
LINK CHARLIIEEEE'S Pinterest of Things (rooms, environments, tattoos, arts)
LINK Body System Refs.
LINK Bows and bowties! Different types of them!
LINK a collection of links to other references, including anatomy, clothing, animation, historical, art refs, inspirations, etc.

LINK a shitton of tutorials for Easy Paint Tool SAI
LINK How to interpret blood splatters!
LINK 'Giving your characters unique features!'

The Art Basics Meme!

using the following code (it was a purposefully broken code and now it is one that works better) will help us catalogue the links faster, but sending in a regular link is also fine! there may be occasional posts whenever there's a big update on resources to let you guys know what's new. you're also free to simply post resources in a new post, just make sure to tag them properly.

Categories are for example reading, reference (pose reference, color reference, etc), individual programs (photoshop, painter, open canvas, etc), tutorial, things like that.
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First off, this huge list of tumblr art reference accounts is amazing.

I also have a huge list of SAI tutorials.

LINK Body System Refs. I've been told by a friend that it's a lot easier to draw outside anatomy if you know what's inside/how the body works.
LINK Different types of bows and bowties.

LINK How to interpret Blood splatters!
LINK 'Hand Tutorials for those who hate drawing them'
LINK 'Giving your character unique features'. This one's helped me a lot!

Also, I didn't know where to put this because it isn't really a reference: the Art Basics Meme. It is however brilliant for putting all of these references to good use.

I am really sad that I couldn't find this beautiful gemstone colour reference I used to have. 8(

Edit: You might want to edit the html in the code box. Having the spaces at the beginning of the < a href=, as well as having a space between </ a> is breaking the code.
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scarlet here

the code is like that so i can copy paste it into the poster faster, actually! i broke it on purpose .u.
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Whoops! Sorry 'bout that, didn't realize. I'll keep it in mind for the future. <3