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LINK Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

LINK TIMED Figure and Gesture Drawing (people and animals) and other things
LINK CHARLIIEEEE'S Pinterest of Things (rooms, environments, tattoos, arts)
LINK Body System Refs.
LINK Bows and bowties! Different types of them!
LINK a collection of links to other references, including anatomy, clothing, animation, historical, art refs, inspirations, etc.

LINK a shitton of tutorials for Easy Paint Tool SAI
LINK How to interpret blood splatters!
LINK 'Giving your characters unique features!'

The Art Basics Meme!

using the following code (it was a purposefully broken code and now it is one that works better) will help us catalogue the links faster, but sending in a regular link is also fine! there may be occasional posts whenever there's a big update on resources to let you guys know what's new. you're also free to simply post resources in a new post, just make sure to tag them properly.

Categories are for example reading, reference (pose reference, color reference, etc), individual programs (photoshop, painter, open canvas, etc), tutorial, things like that.
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WEEELLLCOOOMMMEEE the somewhat grand opening of [community profile] drawingboard!

If you've read the profile or came here from plurk, then you probably already know this, but! This community is dedicated to connecting artists on dreamwidth and allowing them to request critique, share resources, techniques, references, et cetera! For more info, see the faq.

here's some links!
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE [member-locked mod contact, yo]

This is an obligatory meet-and-greet post/meme/shebang with an obligatory form to help y'all introduce yourself. (yourselves?)

age: if you wanna give it out...
are you in art school? were you? is art a hobby? do you deign to offer a reply?
where you at: codes are provided for tumblr, deviantart, and plurk, but you can fill out or remove whatever you want.
what mediums do you use? paints, pencils, digital, programs, etc
whaddya want: tell us a bit about yourself and/or what do you hope to get out of this comm. do you want to discover art/artists to follow? collect resources? receive critique?
OBLIGATORY GIF CATEGORY: obligatory gif category


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rules are subject to change with or without notice
mostly with notice, unless we're fixing scarlet's capitalization

hey, you
  1. Be nice, kids. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.
  2. If you don't care how you're treated, be as nice as you can be anyway B(
  3. If nothing else, be respectful!
  4. Critiqueing art is fine! Flaming is not. If we burn, you burn with us. (No, I'm kidding, but don't do it anyway.)
  5. Yes, you may gush.
  6. If you have a dick that's okay. Just don't be one. (By dick we mean everything encompassing rude, arrogant, snobby, jerk, asshole, etc.)
  7. If a problem's getting out of hand, contact us. We're not supernannies but we'll try to help.

  1. ALL POSTS should be properly tagged. More on this in the FAQs.
  2. Posts that contain triggering or NSFW (nudity, excessive blood, gore, etc) must be placed within a cut and a notice must be put in the post OUTSIDE the cut.
  3. There isn't really a set format for posting, don't go looking for a textarea to copy paste from.


Nov. 10th, 2012 02:30 pm
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so what's this nice shiny community for?
This community aims to bring artists together to share anything from techniques to resources to inspirations. You can also post your works and request critiques on them.

what constitutes an artist?
The 'arts' this community is focusing on are drawing, painting, and the occasional scultping, both traditional and digital. You are an artist if you do any of these.

what's this sketchbook thing i'm hearing about?
Basically you can make a post that you would use to post your art (WIPs or otherwise) to for safekeeping, documentation, or what have you.

Prompts? What prompts?
Yes, prompts. >B) We're thinking every other week or once a month, there will be prompts/exercises such as "THIS WEEK DRAW 5 DIFFERENT HAND POSITIONS" or "OVER THE COURSE OF THIS MONTH DRAW HEADS. LOTS OF THEM."

Where all the resources at?
We're going to have a massive master resource post that everyone can contribute to. It'll hold things like Photoshop brushes, tutorials, references (nude, clothed, animals, etc.) inspirations for art or color palettes, things like that.

okay now explain these tags to me!!
Please note that none of these tags are actually required but it does make looking up things a lot easier. mostly tentative examples while we figure things out.

sketchbook: [YOUR NAME/JOURNAL HERE] for your sketchbook/compilation post
resources: [RESOURCE TYPE HERE] for resource updates
program: [PROGRAM HERE] for specific programs
OPTIONAL: canon: [FANDOM HERE] for canon/fandom characters
OPTIONAL: canon: original for original things.

this faq is stupid.
that's because scarlet wrote it

still have questions?
speak, mortal, and ye shall receive.


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